Thursday, February 09, 2006

get out the spirits, y'all

OOOhhooohooo, look what I found:

The Knitting Olympics Drinking Game:

created with help from Rebekkah and Natalie

Take a drink whenever someone:

1. adjusts their definition of "finishing" in order to get a gold medal.
2. whines about someone else being farther along on an identical project.
3. drops out after realizing there is no way to knit a fingering weight fair isle adult sweater in 16 days without losing their job.
4. joins a team for something other than a country/joins a team because they like a vegetable. (Team Wales, I'm looking at you)
5. takes a knitting short cut they really shouldn't have taken. (swatch, pfft! I'm only knitting a fair isle cabled lace shrug. Who needs a swatch!)
6. has to frog because they lost count when Michelle Kwan fell on her ass. (We all know it's going to happen.)
7. buys a TiVo/DVR, so they can watch the Olympics later. It's cutting into their knitting time right now.
8. posts pictures of a dirty house or starving children, blaming either on the Knitting Olympics.
9. calls in sick to work in order to finish on time.
10. encourages another knitter to "work through the pain," when that knitter's hands have gone numb.
11. posts to a general knitlist/livejournal knitting community to ask how everyone else is doing on their projects. (blogs/communities/knitlists set up specifically for the KO exempted) (THANK G-D, eh? We'd be drunk in 2 minutes...)
12. doesn't fix a huge mistake on their project because it will keep them from finishing in time.
13. whines about said huge mistake after the Olympics are over.
14. frogs entire project after the Knitting Olympics, due to aforementioned huge mistake. (finish the bottle for this one)

Disclaimer: The Knitting Olympics Drinking Game is for entertainment purposes only. Do not operate heavy machinery after playing. The amount of "a drink" is fluid - anything from a shot, to a glass of wine, to a sip of beer - please play responsibly.
Oh, I need to get down a bottle of brandy now, teeheehee. I mean, for tomorrow. Right.

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