Thursday, July 05, 2007

I am weak

Because yesterday was so traumatic, I promised myself that I could CO any project I wanted, free of guilt. I didn't get the chance to last night - I spent the rest of the evening frogging my Titania's Revenge. The pattern is great, but I'm just not together enough to knit it right now. Sooo... different sock project. And a different lace project.

I've been wavering on the subject of the Mystery Stole 3 for several days, after seeing it on Sunflowerfairy's blog. When the Harlot mentioned that the deadline to join was tomorrow, I seized my "guilt-free CO" card and went for it. I'm signed up, I've printed out the info and Clue 1. This evening at Knit/ Purl's Sip 'n' Knit Night, I even bought both yarn and needles for it - 3.4 oz of silvery grey bamboo by Habu Textiles and US 3 Addi lace needles.

I have to say I've finally figured out the reasoning behind the Sip 'n' Knit Night - the workers at K/P are devious creatures. They give us glasses of champagne, leave us in the presence of luscious yarns and stay open for an extra 3 hours.

Devious, I tell you.

After Opus and I browsed, spent too much money and played in the yarn, I got Opus to get a shot of my cotlin camisole:

  • Yarn: Knit Picks Cotlin in "Royal Plum"
  • Needles: 40" Denise circulars, 4 mm/ US 6
  • Gauge: 5.5 sts/ inch in stockinette
  • Size: 42" bust
  • Pattern: I made it up as I went
  • Recipient: ME!
  • Date started: April 5, 2007
  • Date finished: July 3, 2007
I swear to you, it looks more flattering in person. We had a heck of a time taking a picture of it. Oy. But it's done, it fits, and it's comfortable to wear. S'enough for me.

Other news? I finally have my little package for Bulldogknits done, and Crimson's prize ready (yes, I am very very slow). I'm working on the package for Stephieface and Beans and TheBon's prizes next. I've even taken to carrying the booties-in-progress with me everywhere, I swear. The lace shan't distract me too much.

I hope.

*edited to add

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