Saturday, January 14, 2006

Decobi Purse

I've been promising my readers this for awhile...

I tried to mail it today. I went to 3 different post offices!! I hate USPS. I swear I shall mount an attack or scale their walls or something, on Tues, and FORCE them (by whatever means necessary! I have knitting needles and I know how to use them!!) to ship this bloody purse - I have it packaged and addressed and everything!

Here it is before I got my hands on it...

Here were my partner's requests, concised:
"... feel free to go funky, creative and unusual... It's vintage and I love the shape, the vintage feel and the clasp. But I don't like the color and the fabric is definitely faded and needs sprucing up. So in this case I think making an already beautiful purse even more fabulous is what I'm after. You don't have to worry about completely changing it, just give it a kick. I was also thinking elegant for going out, since that is the feel of the purse to begin with. So maybe darker more elegant colors would be great... I also love patterns etc.. from other cultures. Like asian fabrics or mexicana."

So, here's the fabric being cut up on my "work table" - dinning table in reality:

And here's the new cover pinned on:

It was a *beast* to work with. Very stiff. But, I won in the end! I added, aside from a new cover, vintage Deco Czech glass buttons and beaded fringe to the top. Here's the new front:

And here's the new back: (I can't believe I got this monster done)

I reallyreallyreally hope my partner likes it! (crossing fingers). I dunno. I know I'm funkier than most people - sitting here with a ceramic saint, and faux fur lamp, and a giant crayon on my desk. Ahwell. I tried my best. Anyway. I wanted to post it, because people keep asking when they'll get to see it. That, and I want to feel like I actually accomplished something this week, aside from 200 pages of ARH reading and a book of Livy. I haven't got any knitting done in days...

Any opinions? Good, bad, indifferent??? Someone other than my mom would be fabulous...


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