Tuesday, September 05, 2006

me, pay retail?

... never. My Mum swears I inherited the Sale gene from her. Probably true. I'm having a hard time recalling ever buying something without a discount. Or haggling ;D My Mum has declared that she wants "Never Paid Retail" put on her tombstone more than once.

In any case, Ben Franklin Crafts had a Labor Day Sale today - 25% off on all yarn and 75% off on clearance, and we each got a 50% off coupon for one regular priced item. mwa. ha. ha.

I got a Swedish Umbrella Swift for 1/2-price (I need another one, my antique one deserves some babying), a circular needle case and Coconut yarn for 66% off, and some hemp for 25% off:

I love the swift. Mum and Dad ooh'd and aah'd over it, as it deserved. The circular needle case is already being used (yay!) and the Coconut has been CO (it's a secret). I have NO IDEA what to do with the hemp. Ideas? Not a bag, please. I loooove the way hemp wears. I was thinking maybe a cloche or something hat-like. I have 150 yards, 90 grams, and it knits up to 5.5 sts/inch according to the tag.

After being practically thrown out of BFC's, we headed over to Target to wreak havoc. Riight. M and I each got a pair of what we're calling the "centurion sandals" - $5 on clearance. I can see why they never sold - they literally look like they were made for Roman warriors. I'll take some pix of those later.

Outside of Target, I remembered that I had brought my Tempting 1.5 along, to get a photograph:

Please pardon the blurriness (M told a joke which made me and Emmos, who was holding the camera, laugh). I admit that maybe I shouldn't have just pulled it on over a dress, but I think I should get Brownie Points for even remembering to get the pic taken.

Well, after spending too much money and taking completely unflattering pictures, we then headed back to my house - since Dad had made enough food to feed a third world country last night. Between the M, Emmos, Dad, and I we managed to at least decimate the food. Dad and I even managed to put the food into smaller containers (rejoicing!).

Okay, at some point after the girls left (fled) my brother and I got into an argument. I have been insisting (for months) that his bedroom smells. It does! (shudder) His response (instead of CLEANING said room) is that mine smells, too (mature, eh?). I will admit that it smells a bit like dry wool. Or alpaca. He says that counts as being smelly. Insert circular logic here --> if my room smells, then his can be as rank as he pleases.

Does wool-smell count? I LIKE the scent of wool and cotton and silk. I wouldn't have a stash, otherwise. Any thoughts? My parents actually refused to give a response. Cowards. My Mum won't approach my brother's room. She says it gives her the creeps. I'm amazed he doesn't have rats, or vultures!, in there.

I mean, he IS a teenaged boy and I can't recall any teenager's room in the history of mankind ever being clean (excluding intervention - divine, hired, or familial) - but there are limits. Every so often, my brother's friends would insist that they wouldn't visit him until he cleaned up a bit. How awful is that? But, now his friends have all moved away... iee.

Anyway. I just wanted to know if wool counts. I admit that I'm probably asking the wrong people. Who but wool-fiends would read this blog? But, I thought I'd try... I mean, I always store it with lavendar and pennyroyal... (perplexed). I wonder how it smells to other people? Musty, I bet. Non-knitters are weird creatures ;)

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