Friday, February 03, 2006

needle addiction, BBC, and anime

Well, I'm definitely in trouble. I switched one of my sleeves to my new "8" mini clovers (they're closer to a US 7) and I think I'm already addicted. I'm to 8" and I've forgotten to increase... I just kept going... and going... It was so calming. I'll have to work out the increase again now... oops.

In other news, I shipped the 1920's swap box today - spent 10 mins in line. I also ordered Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala on DVD last night. Here's the cover:

Yes, my brother and I are losers. And why is my brother included in this classification? Because he was the one who reminded me to check online to see if it had been released yet in Japanese. Yes, I got it in Japanese with English subbing. Like the series - only I hope it's better subbed this time (snickering). I love my show's DVD's, I do, but the people who subbed them need to work on their English just a wee bit. Was kinda funny the mistakes in it... Anyway. It's due to arrive in 3 days, so expect a full critique once we've sat thru it 2x in one night ;)

I also, still, have yet to recieve "Scarf Style" from Interweave... Vonnie got her books yesterday? the day before? (sigh) Patience is a virtue... but oh-so-boring.

I'm going to be a zombie by the end of this weekend. I have the Crockpot Dyeing Workshop tomorrow from 12 - 4 pm. I have Guild on Sun from 1 - 4 pm. And I also have to read 5 chapters of Earthquakes and Volcanes, 1.5 books of Livy and the corresponding Polybius, prepareto present for Classics (again, since I missed it on Wed), and study for my Volcanology exam.

And... on top of all that, I can't seem to unplug from BBC's the Underground.

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