Sunday, February 05, 2006

achievements? some

Well, I'm down to 4 chapters left in Earthquakes. No, I can't focus on it. Volcanoes was much more interesting. I could get thru a chapter in a 1/2 hour. But, I had a very good day today, aside from low academic achievement... Here's our group, minus a couple of people rummaging in the office:

And Jane brought another bunny to visit us today! She was soooooo cute and fuzzy. Everyone cooed and tried to pet her. Yes, I have forgotten her name.

And here is the bunny investigating the hallway - which she repeatedly made a break for:

But we caught her. She *was* fast, tho. And she kept jumping in and out of her basket. Didn't eat the carrot, bad bunny. She did eat a lot of paper... towels.

And Gail brought in her Schacht and I taught her to ply. She had grabbed maybe 4 oz of the alpaca roving Vonnie donated to the Guild. Here's the finished yarn on the bobbin:

And here's it wound into a skein! What an achievement. The meeting went by so fast... Everyone was shocked when 4 o'clock came around. We all agreed to meet at 6 o'clock on Friday for the Casting On party for the Knitting Olympics.

Then, after all that, I came home and slept. I made myself take my antibiotics today. Yoohoo. I only have 9 days left... g-d help me. Watching Futurama with the family, and I really need to look at this homework. I am so bad. But I passed my tag along, hehehe. I didn't get much knitting done today, alas.

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