Saturday, February 04, 2006


Wow, my 250th post!

Anyway, I had such a long day today. Had the Crockpot Dyeing Workshop, which turned out to be a crock, I guess. Only Em and Gail showed up. Oh, and Em brought Devona. We got tons of wool dyed since we didn't have to teach anyone (rejoice!), and here are some of the fruits of my labors:

The bright orange roving is for some handspun I'm making as a gift for a friend. Trust me, it's not for myself. The blue/pink/violet singles are actually one of my first skeins. I threw it into th crockpot with Devona's yarn (she didn't have enough to preserve the colours) and this is how it came out. I think I'm going to ply it to see how it turns out.

And, while we were waiting for the dye to strike/ catch, I got a bit of knitting done. Here's one of the sleeves for my Berry Raglan:

And here it is, up to my elbow! OMG! I'm *almost* there! Just have 8(?) more inches or so...

Then I have to finish the other one. But, I really need to get them done and off the needles, so I have the baby clovers for Mum's raglan for the Knitting Olympics. I MUST get this bloody raglan done before Friday. Eeek! In other news, I went by the Museum yesterday (I volunteer from 2 - 4 pm every Friday at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art) and we got a lot done. Setting up for a photography mini-exhibit. Fun.

I still haven't gotten the last 5 chaps of my geology reading done... onto that. what fun. I bet you can just *hear* my enthusiasm here. I am so tired. I wonder if I could get it done tmrw?

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