Tuesday, June 12, 2007

socks for ME

Most of the time I'm a process knitter - I knit for the simple pleasure of knitting. But every so often I want something for myself. The Shibui socks were a good example of that. I immediately (and selfishly) wanted the yarn for me, and now there is no way in hell I'm parting with my new Jaywalkers:

In fact, I'm currently debating whether or not I need to take them off to go to bed...

What do you think?

Project Specs:
  • Yarn: Knit/Purl's Shibui Sock in "Spectrum"
  • Needles: 2 22" Addi Turbos, 2.5 mm/ US 1
  • Gauge: 8 sts/ inch in stockinette
  • Size: 8" foot circumference
  • Pattern: Magknits' Jaywalker by Grumperina
  • Recipient: ME!
  • Date started: May 29, 2007
  • Date finished: June 11, 2007
I finished them this morning, and showed them off to everyone who'd stand still long enough. Dad was the most appreciative of the bunch, strangely enough. I wore them to Madame de Farge's, but the place was nearly deserted. Jodie was there with a couple others, but we definitely had the place to ourselves.

The four of us (Jodie, Emmos, St M and I) plotted for this year's Sheep-to-Shawl, but the info's Top Secret, sorry. I think. I dunno, I certainly don't feel in charge. I hope St M or Emmos knows what they're doing...

Ahwell. It's all for fun anyway.

In other news, knitting news again, I decided not to let my Addi's languish and immediately cast on another pair of socks. Well, actually, first I cast on Pomatomus with my Lorna's Laces "Seaside" (Shepherd Sock yarn):

But, 2" in, it looked horrible. Bad. Really, really bad. "Ne'er the twain shall should meet" bad. So, *sigh*, I ripped. And cast on another two socks (different pattern) to make my life easier. I picked an old Shetland lace motif from Barbara Walker's "A Treasury Of Knitting Patterns" and went with it. Progress pix to follow...

Major packing tomorrow, wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.

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