Saturday, September 16, 2006

sleepy head

Emmos, M and I stayed up until 4:30 am this morning. We finally gave into exhaustion halfway through Megido, the Omega Code 2 - possibly the most campy movie in my family's collection of campy movies. And, let it be said, we own Warlock.

Anyway, I woke up to giggling at 10 am, which nearly made me whine (but I am an adult and refrained). After some pancakes, loafing about, and websurfing (Emmos and I both placed Knit Picks orders this morning), the girls decided they wanted to go home to either mop their floors or nap. I decided napping was more my speed and collapsed.

I woke up at 5 to a whining dog and so I pulled some sneakers on and let him drag me around the neighborhood for an hour and a half. We walked at least a mile on the Amazon Creek Trail thingy. Thank heavens for publicly maintained walkways. By the time Charlie and I got home, he was panting and actually took and nap - the little twerp! He's half Border Collie! They're supposed to be able to do, like, 20 mi a day or something.

Anyway. Deepfriedkids got her pantas yesterday, and posted pix on Craftster today! Blessedly, they fit and she likes them. Even, maybe especially, the "coconut" one that my mother claimed resembled a dead animal:

I thought it looked cool, myself.

Here's the collection I sent:

And, the lime one modelled:

Needless to say, I rejoiced in the fact that they fit and everything. Long-distance knitting always worries me.

In more Craftster News, I have my very own swap angel, jaybirdiscrafty for the IYP2 Swap. Apparently, she was also stood up by mata on a personal swap :( Yes, I am already thinking of some thank you goodies to send her way. She crochets, so I made a point of mentioning my love of amigurumi. And listing several favs on my wists. I am so obvious, it's pathetic. I admit it.

In Knitting News, I am ready to SCREAM because I am quite clearly unable to knit an hourglass heel. Either the pattern is screwwy, or I am incompetent. And, since the pattern seems very popular, it must be me. I've never managed hourglass heels before, and it just seems to be one of those things. Damn it.

And... thinking of the calm blue ocean. But, at least Mum's shawl is coming along. I also have ordered (as mentioned above) my yarn for the Simply Knitted Bodice. I decided to go the practical, and economic, route with Knit Picks Swish in Ebony. There is NO WAY I can felt it, stain it, or NOT match it to everything in my wardrobe this way. I cannot believe I didn't think of this sooner.

On the random topic of headphones, has anyone noticed how many people wear them all the time now? I see people everywhere wearing headphones all the time. I admit that I am usually one of these people - mostly to avoid making conversation with the guy sitting next to me on the bus. But, it worries me that we may be making ourselves more antisocial. While walking on the trail with Charlie, I passed several people (all wearing headphones) who only nodded to me after I smiled at them. I usually wear mine when walking the dog to keep myself entertained while he sniffs every single thing we pass (listening to Cast On is good for this, btw) since I have Charlie there to keep away creeps. It just makes me wonder if this is another sign that people are stepping even further away from social niceties - in the same way that the traffic courtesy wave is dying a slow, quiet, death.

Of course, I could just be overthinking the whole thing, and should be happy since (for all I know) they're all listening to Air America... or Cast On ;D

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