Thursday, February 09, 2006

knitting Classicists! who knew?

Everyone in my Latin and Classics courses always give me the weirdest, or most humoring ("aaaw, how cute!"), looks whenever I pull out my knitting. Ha! I am not alone! I cannot believe how many knitters there are who've studied some Classical subject or another. It's so cool! Okay, I MUST know, how many of you have contemplated knitting a classical project? I'm working on a stola-esque sweater pattern, currently. Or a chiton would rock...

Okay. I feel I should actually post a translation of the button, it actually means "The Olympic Contests/ Games of Those Who Knit" - or "Those Who Make Loops With Rope". I didn't actually think Steph would POST the button! I sent it to her on a lark.

I need to update my sidebar... total non sequitor, I know.

In other news, I am coming down with something. Save me, someone, please! It's a virus, g-d. I have a sore throat and ache all over. It's all because of the antibiotics, I just know it. My brother told me that long term usage of antibiotics depresses your immune system and leads to mental depression. Just great. I want off. Only 6 days left... Eugh, I got these truly terrible tasting throat drops which numb my throat a bit, but taste AWFUL.

OOOH! I know I already mentioned that I got my copy of Scarf Style in the mail - but can I just wax eloquent over it for a bit?? It's so fabulous! There are such diverse patterns and ideas in it. I keep picking it up and flipping through the different patterns. I want to adapt the Entrelac Wrap to make a blankie for Dylan. And there's this Dog-Dragon scarf I MUST make. And, so much else! OOOH. I normally don't believe in buying books with specific patterns, but I'm making an exception for this one. A friend, Opus, recommended it and I have to say I'm impressed. So, you might want to check it out.

Lemme see, I sent off 5 of the books/ book sets I'd auctioned off on Ebay today. I must have waited in line at the Post Office for a full quarter hour. Then, it all cost twice as much as I expected. Thank goodness I had the sense to up the shipping cost just out of sheer anxiety.

Oh! Radioactivecrafter got my 1920's swap package on monday! I finally got some feedback, yay! She says she loved it all, but *really* loved this faux-Art Deco/ Egyptian beaded choker I made. I'll post a pic of the package's contents (as promised) when I get home today.

As for the Berry Raglan, I am *nearly* done with the right sleeve. Only one more increase row! Sadly, this means I wond have it done before the Knitting Olympics officially start, but it's the effort that counts (so I tell myself). I need to get the sleeve moved onto another circular for the KO duration. I also need to wind the skeins of yarn for Mum's cardie into center-pull balls. AND, I need to get her to CHOOSE A PATTERN! She desperately wants an Aran cabled pattern, but won't choose one. If she doesn't make up her mind soon, I will for her. She actually wants *bobbles*, g-d.

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