Saturday, January 21, 2006

what a fabulous day!

I have been looking forward to the Woodland Woolworks trip for weeks, and I was NOT disappointed! Here's my haul (which I'm sure you want to see first). I got enough yarn for a Dalebarn sweater-set and matching romper-set with the patterns. The yarn was ON SALE for $3.50 a BALL! OMG. I grabbed so much. If I run out of yarn, it will NOT be my fault.

Okaaay. Here's the trip in chronological picture order ;)

Here's me and Kristen taking pix of each other at an alpaca farm we randomly stopped at on the way to Woodland. All the girls got some lovely white Suri roving ('cept me - I have TOO MUCH, no more...).

Here's a pic of the alpaca farm as we left. So cute and fuzzy! We'd never seen this farm/ store on our way up. But we chatted with the owner and promised to stop by the next time we came up...

And here is the Edgar Allen Poe tree, which I could not NOT take a pic of. It desperately needs a raven or two, don't you think?

And, here we are (well, some of us. Gail and Emily hid from the camera, and I was taking the picture) at Woodland. Great time! We finally left after our budgets had been spent and our tummies were *begging* for food...

And here's the shot I took, while bored outta MY MIND after waiting 1/2 a BLOODY hour in line...

Which is how we ended up at McMinnamins. If you're ever able to stop at one, do it! They've got great food, and a great atmosphere. It was SO COOL. We stopped in on a lark (cuz it's the ORIGINAL hotel/ restaraunt in McMinnville), and it was their 101st birthday today! They were setting up a live band and belly-dancing and stuff when we left... Anyway, we decided (again on a whim) to eat at the original Sky Bar. But we didn't need to take a lift. Oh, no. We're young, and healthy and stuff. Right. I think it was... 5? 6? floors later (with Victorian staircases, eugh) that we came to the little Sky Bar with a view of the "city". And here's Kristen being her usual self. Foolish girl, I plan on posting THIS on the facebook:

And here, I asked the bartender to take a picture of us, for my weird obessession with photographic records. And, it was such a fun day, I wanted pix for later... OOOh, you can see the view, behind Blair - we had to close our curtains for the shot.

And here's the oligatory weird-shot of us all making faces, cause (of course) the bartender made a joke right before taking the shot. Evil woman.

Now, this is cool. June spotted a knitting shop on our way thru town. So, after lunch/ dinner we trekked back to find it. It had the most disturbing mural on the wall:

And here's Emily and June looking around. Hahahaha! I GOT you, em! We didn't buy anything there (tho we chatted with the manager/ owner? for at least 30 mins), but it was fun to look around. Very happy, cheerful place. I especially loved that they had a loft and sitting room for knitting in - with giant, poufy chairs and couches...

And then we wandered a bit more around McMinnville - got the most amazing chocolate drinks (yuuuuum) and drove home (a bit silly). No, we were a lot silly. Great day. Got out. Got to BUY yarn!! I even got myself ONE ball of yarn (Nausha, yuuuum), some more Denise cables, and a ruler/ needle gauge. My big treat was the yarn for the Dalebarn sweater/ romper-sets.

Oooh. Can't wait 'til the next one! We're going to help shear sheep next week at McTavish Farm! I plan on wearing my handspun shetland cardi, which I made with their wool (I want to see if the sheep recognize the wool...). So cool. I have knitting to do now...

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