Thursday, January 19, 2006

no wonder we're still in Iraq

Seriously. Now, I know you're probably thinking 'Is this really her 3rd post today??' And, yes, it is. I had plans of avoiding my 'puter like the plague once I got home and sitting down somewhere quiet and *knitting* or *spinning*, because I have one h3ll of a headache after looking at a computer and finely printed books all day. But, the Fates had other plans.

I come home, drop my backpack and pick up my mail. What do I find???... Drumroll, please.


My 2006 Republican National Committee membership card?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

What the %^*(%$#!!!!????

I've been a liberal since before I could spell it. And, this is... wow. Somehow, the National Committee is convinced I helped on their last campaign in Oregon. I get calls from their party several times a year, AND I even got one of those form letters from "President Bush" - which I have somewhere around here and pull out as a joke every once in a while. I've told them, time and time again, that I hate them and don't want them to contact me *ever* again. (Especially after reading what's in this latest letter.)

Re: Ken Mehlman:
Trust me, Democrats aren't evil incarnate, they don't have the cajones. It takes real bastards, like most of your party, to embody true evil. Now, kindly remove me from your mailing list and *membership* list FOREVER (again).

If this is how disorganized they are - that they can't even keep track of their real membership base in a VERY liberal area - it's no wonder everything's gone to h3ll in a handbasket over in Iraq. I keep reading the BBC headlines and stories on Bloglines, everyday there's something horrible happening there.

Poor things. My Guild sent gifts and treats to a group Marines last year; and my parents and I sent gift baskets and other stuff.

Anyway. Thought I'd share the... well, this isn't even ironic, it's just stupid. Maybe they're starting a new psychological campaign against young liberals... that could be it.

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