Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Olympian insanity

Vonnie and I are going at this full tilt now. I've sent out emails to local groups/ retailers, and I've set up an event on thefacebook, which you can only see if you're a student at the UO (sorry): Knitting Olympics Party, on February 26 in the UO's Student Union. Vonnie's gonna try and get Sarah, the proprieter of Knot Another Hat to get into it with their knitting group.

We're trying to work our ribbons or medals for people who compete, and people who win.

We may be insane, we grant you. But I swear, we're not crazy.

We're currently debating whether we should set up a group blog. Seriously. Anyone in? Email me if you're interested, seriously!

This should be soooo much fun! I hope. Some anxiety here. Please don't come crashing down on my head. But it will be so fantastic if it goes well. All I have to do now is convince everyone else, besides Vonnie, to momentarily throw away their sanity.

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