Friday, January 20, 2006


Seriously. I only have one class today, an hour from now, and then I am free as a bird! Ladeeda...

Anyway. I have my sleeves on me, to work on. I MUST and SHALL finish them. I also, in an effort to give myself MORE work, joined the HelmetHeads KAL - to provide active duty soldiers with helmet-liners, etc. I have tons of yarn for this, lemme tell you. And it's just a nice thing to do - feel free to join me ;)

The following list is more for my own benefit, to keep me from forgetting what I need to keep up with

Lemme see, lemme see. To do list (withIN the next TWO weeks):
  • I need to felt my swatch for the Ann Darrow Cloche (now that the plumbing is fixed, hallellujah!) and make a sample hat to check my pattern - and then make the REAL hat for my adoptee.
  • Finish my bloody raglan
  • Finish spinning Crete
  • Knit some army hats/ helmetliners
  • Spin Opus' present!!!

Things that can wait to be finished or cast-on, until after above 4 are completed AND the Knitting Olympics:
  • Fairy Wings Shawl/ Shrug
  • Dylan's/baby's matching set
  • Dylan's blankie (does anyone know of any good miter-square afghan patterns?)
  • 4 seasons Baby sweater
  • and about 10 POUNDS of wool sitting in my bedroom...
I think, then I should avoid everything else but those top 4... And just when I finished plying some egyptian cotton for lace... bugger (sigh). It will have to wait.

I'll post some pix of my progress later.

I just KNOW I'm forgetting something...

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