Wednesday, January 18, 2006

new look

I bet you noticed. And if not, that depresses me... oy. Anyway. What have I been up to?

Making a complete ass of myself to one of my fav profs. Yeah. Charming. I don't know how I forgot that we'd been given an extra handout a week ago with Hannibal's speech by Polybius - but I did. So I went up to Prof J's office and nearly wept with frustration because I couldn't find the speech in The Hannibalic War by Polybius. Obviously, because it wasn't in the book! It was on the handout. Damn, I felt like an idiot.

Well, then I slunk out and found a bench so I could do my assignment. I think I did alright. Comparing the speeches was so weird. Livy was trained in the oratorial tradition, so his was much longer than Polybius - but it said nearly the exact same thing! He must have used P as cliff notes. Polybius' version is utterly disparaging. It reeks of Greek Tragedy. There's nothing you can do to change fate, so meet it bravely. Fuuun. Tho, Livy had more of an air of justification for the war, on Carthage's side - I wonder if this comes down to the Roman Manifest Destiny.

Anyway, you don't want to hear more about my Historiography mishaps. I did stop by one of the LYS, to utter disappointment. They didn't have any of the Dalebarn books I wanted, or the yarns at a good price. Def'ly waiting 'til the Woodland trip on Sat. I promise to take pix. Also, there was soooome good of the trip - I dragged my Dad and now he supports the matching baby/Dylan sweater-set completely. He was coo-ing (I swear to g-d he was) over the itty-bitty sweaters as much as me.

I'm gonna go and work on something. I'm hungry and cold. My knitting can keep my hands warm :D Vonnie's off at her weekly knitters' group thingy (I don't think they have a real name yet - do they?), hopefully they'll be more chatty this time. I mean, how long can you sit and knit in silence?

2 mins tops, for me.


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