Thursday, January 19, 2006

fluffy wishlist

Oh (sigh). We have an art student coming by the Guild meeting on Sunday, and she has an angora bunny! His name is Mr Peabody. How cool is that? I want a little English angora. I tried buying one last year, but was stopped by my dad. It was sooo cute, tho! The colour of butter and toffee. (I was listening to Cast On, and Brenda whine about wanting alpacas - and now it's my turn)

So, I've come up with my farm wishlist - that way, I'll be prepared in the future. Here's my start-out list:
  • 2 angora bunnies (English)
  • 4 Huacaya alpacas (dun care for the Suri, sorry)
  • 1 llama
  • 12 sheep (4 each of: Ramboulliet, Cormo, and Shetland)
  • 1 cashmere goat
  • 1 pygora goat

And, I'm allergic to mohair, so the angora goats are definitely out. My mum recommended I grow flax in my garden as well. It's pretty and has several uses. Too bad I can't grow hemp; it's easier to harvest AND to spin AND it makes great blends with wool. Actually, Janis is starting a silk worm ... thing. Is it a colony? Farm? Whatever. She's getting mulberry trees and everything. Maybe I should consider that, too :D

And while I'm on the subject of absolutely impossible wishes, I think I'll wish for this farm to be in the French countryside; with my own chateau. Maybe my good karma will add up to be enough...

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