Monday, January 16, 2006

not cloche at all

Nope. Boiling totally didn't work. (sigh) I even boiled them and pulled them out (with tongs) and dropped them into icy water. Did that shock the swatch? No. It mocks me. I shall master this. And this alpaca yarn will rue the day it conspired against me with my crockpot!

So, upon giving up that project for the day, I went back to my raglan's sleeves while watching Bend it Like Beckham (I can watch it over and over and over...). Here they are, in all their 6" of glory:

And there! See, in the upper left-hand corner? That's my copy of Polybius on top of Livy... yeah, totally didn't get onto that today. I plan on dedicating all my office hours tomorrow for that. Yeah. I probably shouldn't bring in my knitting...

Though, I'm totally bringing in my iPod and stand-thingy. I plan on plugging it into the speakers and blasting the latest Cast On. The least I can do to our neighbours. Oy. And they think we're weird.

FYI: My guild's office is located in a very strange place - the 3rd floor of the student union. We're *literally* between the Daily Emerald and the Commentator - two opposing and quite contentious publications. I can't and won't call the Commentator a newspaper, whatever they might say. It's a neo-con rag. They, both, pretend we're not there and we return the favor (unless, of course, they want us to advertise). I think I should introduce them to the latest in knit-geek fad. It's only fair.

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