Sunday, January 22, 2006

teaching is like slowly being pecked to death by a flock of ducks

Seriously. I was so frazzled by the end of today's meeting, all I could do was sit and stare. People kept asking me questions, and I would stare at them for, like, a minute or two before I could figure what they were saying. I taught four people to spin on a drop spindle, 1 person to cast on, 1 person to ply... and then the evenning news showed up. Oh, horrible. I was interviewed without make-up or anything. I'm going to be so scary looking tonight. I'm ... I can't even think about it. I didn't get anything done for me during the meeting - so swatches made, NOTHING.

I don't think I ever want to do tonight again. I'm setting down some rules, or something. My sanity can't survive things like this on a weekly basis. We had a DOZEN new people show up today, on top of our regulars! But, I did, during the lulls (which were few and far between) - I took some photos. Of, course, most people tried to duck away from the camera (two people actually HID in our office with CBS showed up...) anyway. Here's what I accomplished tonite.

Oh, I also managed to procure, on the way home, an old-fashioned ribbed washboard. So, hopefully the Ann Darrow cloche will be done soon. That's all for now.

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