Sunday, January 15, 2006

committing knitter's seppuku

Not really. But, g-d it sometimes feels like it. I had to RIP OUT both of my sleeves. The agony! The horror! Not only did I not like the pattern, but they were big enough to fit Mr Universe. I guess 18" IS that big... oy. I took a picture:

So, now I get to start over. At least I had companionship and sympathy while I did it at this week's Knitting corner. Here're the gals. Katie's making... we don't really know what it is. It was a WIP too long:
Kristen is making a key-hole scarf for her roommate, and in the pic below you can see the giant mess her yarn tangled itself into... In both pix Claire is trying to hide from the camera. hahaha.

Giant mess of evil eyelash yarn, that let loose tons of sparklies during the process:

And here's Emily knitting a raglan with some self-dyed wool. Go crockpot!!

Ohwell. After all that misery, Emily and I headed out to JoAnn's winter clearance sale. I got a 1/2-pound of (lionsbrand, eek!) Fishermen's Wool for 1/2 off - $4.5o! I can definitely make that cloche now in any colour of the rainbow :D I also got a pack of sparkly knitting needles and a couple of cheap circs for extra projects. I'm feeling better now...

Tho, sadly, I must re-CO the sleeves tonight. Wish me luck :X

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