Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Le cloche c'est fini!

And my French, as you can tell, is veryvery bad ;) Est-ce "mal"? Je parle italien tres bien, ou mieux que français, en tout cas.

I got it finished tonight! I watched (listened to) 3 episodes of the X-Files on TNT. I'm so weird. Good news was one of the episodes was new to me.

Anyway, c'est fini. I shall post pix of it once it has arrived at Radioactivecrafter's, because she should see it first. Also, I'll let you know about my other Swap Angel surprises :D

Re: Knit Picks

I'm sorry to hear that! I'm gonna try ordering from the them at some point, and see if I have a similiar experience. Though, I totally admit, I'm thinking of the whites here... Just think of the dyeing possibilities!

... but the good news is I can rest up tomorrow and start planning our fete pour les Jeux Olympiques Tricotage!

Yarn and confetti, can you handle it?

And I have no idea why I am sporadically spouting French in this post. I blame the anti-biotics and homesickness for Paris ;) (j/k)

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