Thursday, January 26, 2006

cowardice wins

Well, I finally messaged Radioactivecrafter to find out if she would prefer a cloche with a side-fold or not. Some people like the look, some don't. I seriously can't figure out how to make the Darrow cloche exactly - not without short rows and a complex pattern, which might not felt correctly. So, it'll be Darrow-esque. I got the ribbon for the cloche prototype done tonight (I spent most of the afternoon napping because antibiotics drain me completely). Here're the pix of the cloche w/ ribbon (which is drying). I plan on fixing the flap, never fear, I cannot stand unevenness. I plan on needle-felting it in the correct place tmrw. Which will keep me busy while I wait for Radioactivecrafter's reply.

And no, I don't plan on cheaping out on RAC's cloche, with a knit ribbon and accoutrement, but I can't tell you my devious plans, cuz I asked her to check the blog to choose her cloche type. I love secrets (mwahahaha!). And, yes, those are T-pins holding the "ribbon" in place as it dries (I have a method to my madness, I swear).

Here's the left side:

Here's the front:

The right:

And the back:

Opinions? Advise? Comments? All are loved :D

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