Sunday, January 29, 2006

An update from Blair

I did finish my scarf I was knitting. Fyberduck had a picture posted of a group of us at Woodland Woolworks from last weekend, including me and my scarf (hint: I'm the only guy in the photo). So I'll be lazy and will link to the full size picture she took. In the mean time I'm trying to decide if I want to knit up mittens or a bag for my Denise needle set next, or if I want to do one of those for the knitting olympics. I'm having a hard time deciding.

I recently moved my blog, The Porch Swing, onto BlogSpot. I still have my personal pages hosted on SDF.

And, I'm trying to not go out of my mind as certain unnamed relatives drive me nuts by rearranging our crap without our permission, or even a cursory, kind, request for it to be moved. And I'm further maddened by the fact that same relative has never given us space to put our stuff out of relative's way, so relative occasionally decides to do these fun cleanings. Yeah.

That's to top off the fact that my preferred web browser is causing my computer to go wonky (note: that can be a technical term, because I said so), and no amount of anything within reason has fixed it. I am contemplating my oh-so *favorite* thing to do! Another reinstall! So I can be sure that I'm at some sort of common base to start from.

That is all for now. I think I'm going to pretend to have something important to due while I avoid particular relatives.

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