Saturday, June 23, 2007

playing catch-up, pt 1

Real internet! Yaaaaaaay. So, here's that picture of Portland from the top of Mt Tabor I've been promising:

And the ducky and yarny goodies Penny sent me:

The past two days I've been moving around a lot: Portland to Eugene to St Paul to Portland. In Eugene, we got ready for the Black Sheep Gathering and the Sheep-to-Shawl competition:

The Sinister Spinsters

We placed 4th, in case you're wondering. We all went for yarn-therapy because of the trauma of the competition (our loom kept breaking down). I'll post pix of my haul laters. I promise.

My 'sea-anemone' hair (courtesy of Emmos):

(I dyed my hair for TheBon's wedding the night after the competition)

St M, Emmos and I slaved away for the 12 hours after S-t-S trying to get a wraplan done for the baby of a friend (the shower was this afternoon)...

And every once in a while, Niki (Emmos' cat), would check our progress:

A different version of the wraplan than the prototype...

Possibly not the final version, though.

Anyway. Literally as Emmos ran out the door to deliver the wraplan, St M and I started getting ready for TheBon's wedding. I hate make-up and I hate panty-hose, it must be said. But I wore 'em both. Emmos got back from her errands and dashed into her closet. Literally 5 minutes later, we ran out the door and hit the road. We managed to just make it to The Oak Grove before the service. I took tons of pictures:

TheBon's wedding

The service was sweet and short (my favourite descriptives). Bonnie's dress was gorgeous, as was her lace shawl (a true wedding ring shawl). Everything was great. But now I'm home and tired, and I'm going to bed. St M and Emmos and Opus and I are going on a Portland yarn crawl tomorrow - I'm gonna need all the rest I can get.

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