Thursday, June 14, 2007

So. Close.

Currently very tired and disgustingly sweaty. I hate not having centralized air, the house gets so stale. Especially when the temperature hikes above 75F. Urg.

Much progress was made today. My bedroom is in a dozen large boxes. The bathroom is in several large boxes. The kitchen is... well, I'm working on it. As for everyone else's progress, I have no idea. The fact that Emm spent the day playing WoW (*snark*), or Mum was caught watching Law & Order several times, doesn't bode well for their progress.

But! Like it or not, we are moving tomorrow. The U-Haul van parked outside proves that:

Dad even hired a couple of handy men he knows to come around in the morning and help us load the van. I have a feeling that Mum and Emm will spend tomorrow morning frantically packing. I might just do the same, because the kitchen is proving a lot, well, bigger than I thought. Of course, it would have been nice if I hadn't had to move a couple dozen of Mum's boxes to get to packing up the bathroom and kitchen.


What else have I been doing when I can't pack another box full of heaven-knows-what? You guessed it, knitting. These, specifically:

5.5" in 2 days. Think I'm stressed much? One day, I might just devote a blog post to some of my stress-knitting stories.

Otherwise, not much else to report. I packed up the stash and all my other WIPs this afternoon. Along with the camera cable, which I had to dig out of a taped-up box in order to post tonight (my precognition abilities are astounding).

Tomorrow, we get to find out if it is possible for me to knit in a moving car* with a full fish tank in my lap. And, as an encore (if I don't accidentally kill Lapis), I'll turn the heels on both socks. Sounds a bit like a circus act, doesn't it?

"Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to gasp in wonder at the Amazing Knitting Contortionist, Fyberduck!"

Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it...

*Let's not forget that Mum will be driving said car - the woman whose license was recently suspended for two speeding violations.

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