Wednesday, June 13, 2007

painfully slow progress

To momentarily distract myself, you, and the Powers That Be, I present two recent photos my sister sent me of baby T and little D:

(are you plotzing yet?)

Let it not be said that I am competitive or anything, but clearly my niece is The Cutest Niece there is, Franklin. Yes, yours is adorable, but mine wins the Supernaturally Cute Prize:


Moving on.

My sister also mentioned that baby T is talking (well, four words) and working on standing. I'm kinda at a loss, because I clearly remember this time last year I was working on the minty baby set and furiously trying to figure out how best to make a cradle blankie. When they say time flies, they certainly aren't joking.

Other news? We finally got a truck for Friday. Ugh. We (Dad and I) spent over an hour in the U-Haul office yesterday trying to rent a truck. Talk about unmitigated hell. No A/C and a line that went off onto the horizon. I finally escaped the press to sit elsewhere and knit.

After that was a doctor's appointment that pronounced me in the clear (UTI gone, yay), craft supply shopping, and the dreaded Summer Clothing Shopping Expedition. Worst of all, it was done with my father. Men and shopping are like oil and water. Oy.

In the end, out of sheer desperation, I bought 3 pairs of Wrangler's Men's cargo shorts (yes, Men's), because:
  1. they were not jeans that resembled underwear in both cut and fit
  2. nor were they 'capris' that claimed to hit me just below my knees - for the record, said 'capris' hit my ankles
  3. they do not contain a single mircon of spandex nor are they adorned with tags screaming 'STRETCH' (plastic-infused pants, just what I want for summer!)
  4. they came in my size - for some reason all the women's shorts in my size (that were all-cotton, anyway) were sold out
  5. and, ha, they actually fit me though the hips - now there's a strange concept, isn't it, girls?
Hmph. I now look like should be on a safari or hiking in the Sierra's, but I'll take what I can get.

And, lastly, also in relation to the fit of the shorts - I've lost weight. Not much, but again, I'll take what I can get. To be perfectly honest, while I've been trying to eat healthier food and exercise more, I keep forgetting to get on a scale to check my (slow) progress. So, as of today, I have another 3 lbs to add to the total lost tally. Let joy be unbounded.

I need to get some sleep now, we're packing up the last of the 'main' rooms tomorrow - the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as my own remaining items that aren't boxed up. We're so close to being done with this move.

Now there's a cheering thought - after Friday, no more packing. Just unpacking. And with that happy thought, I think I will retire.

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