Wednesday, August 16, 2006

making some serious progress

I have no pictures and, thus, no proof; but, I swear I have spun at least an ounce of cobweb yarn! I'm spinning up 6 oz of Mermaid Karaoke, and it spins gorgeously. I'm so in love with this fiber combo (50 merino/ 50 soy silk) that I went and bought 8 more oz of it a week ago (see archives). It's just fantastic stuff. Apparently, I am not the only Karaoke top fan, since 2 other spinners showed up with some to spin at tonight's Lane County Fair Spinning Demo:

See Emmos spinning her Karaoke? She's spinning it pretty fine, too. It's magic stuff, I swear. M, my evil triplet in the blue cote (yes cote, not coat), was spinning a wool mix. She's going to do a multidirectional scarf (see what you've got me to start here Sachi??? We blame you ;D) after Navajo-plying it.

Here is the spinning demo circle in all it's glory:

And see that fantabulous denim bag in the center forefront next to M's basket? That's my tripped out spinning bag - it carries my Lendrum when it's folded - I've moved all my travel patches, and various other cool decorative bits to it, because I have a feeling I'm going to take much better care of this bag than my others.

And, in other news, I am currently debating the pros and cons of joining Knitters Anonymous. Since I come from a family of people who belong to Anonymous Organizations, I feel left out ;) And this is delightfully tongue and cheek. I dunno... thinking about it. Opinions? Anyone else considering it?

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