Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Life has it's ups and downs, I accept this. But, wow, karma has a wacky set of scales. I'm going to need some opinions in a moment. In the "news" section of this post, I picked up my free loom and other weaving tools and bought 8 oz of undyed Karaoke, here it be:

In the mail, I recieved my Heirloom Knitting Lace Wedding Shawl package. I'll post pix tomorrow, I'm tired right now, sorry. In weaving class I made this much progress:

To respond to Yarnahoy's comment, thank you. No, the fabric in that picture was not 4-shaft. It was woven on a Jacquard loom, which can be equated with having 180 sheds. Crimson, I promise to post pix of mum's sox tomorrow.

Now, here is my problem. I would greatly appreciate some advise here. I recieved my Pirates of the Caribbean Swap package today. And, umm, I don't know what to do. Here it is:

And here are the close-ups Mum and Emmos kinda made me take. Mum, Dad, and Emmos were kind of indignant on my behalf when they saw the box. I don't want to be mean, and I don't want to hurt my partner's feelings (she's, like 16, y'all); but, I don't think that she fulfilled the swap requirements. I don't want her to have to make anything else, I don't! I just want to kind of find a way to explain to her the issues with her package, without hurting her feelings.

Emmos and Mum think I should post all the close-ups we took on the Swap Gallery, but I think that'd be cruel. Especially when my partner sounded so proud of herself. I don't want to publicly embarass her, at all.

So, what do I do? I'm having second thoughts about posting any pix at all. I mean, c'mon, I don't want to mortify the girl.

While I wait for third, fourth, and fifth opinions, I'm going to go post the piccie of Emmos weaving her rya. And, uh, read and respond to my email. And knit. I need to decompress.


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