Wednesday, August 09, 2006


"an abundance of wool"
... well, loosely translated, anyway.

That about sums up my day. I recieved my order from Knit Picks; 2 skeins of the new Gloss sock yarn (merino/silk!), 2 balls of Essential in petunia, 1 skein of paint-your-own superwash/nylon for sox, 2 balls of Essential in pine for the IYP3 swap, and 3 balls of Elegance in oatmeal (so I can dye it) also for the IYP3 swap. I also got two pair of the size 0 22" circs.

My review for the Knit Picks needles? I love 'em! They're perfect for sox. And they're especially yummy at $5 a pair, instead of $16. I wouldn't equate them with addi's, but they're just below 'em and above every other type of circ needle I've tried on sox.

Oh, and the orange skein? That's a skein of my handpainted homespun for a friend. The first non-swap/ non-family work I've done in... egads, that's embarassing... Anyway, here's a close-up:

4 oz of ultra-fine (19 microns!) merino at about heavy worsted weight. The top felted a bit when I dyed it, so it was a bit of a pill to spin. But, I think my friend will like it. She loves handspun but refuses to spin. She bribes me with handknit sox, so I can't complain. And, anyway, I love giving people things. So, I'll be sending that off as soon as the twist is set.

In other news, I started in on my "Mermaid" Karaoke top. Yummy! I'm spinning it on my super-fast flyer, so it's very,very fine. Lace-fine. I want to make a shawl. In light of this epiphany, I have decided to give Mum the Oregon lace shawl I'm working on. Really, how many lace shawls do I need? And, she's been making the appreciated "ooh's" and "ahh's", so.., yeah. Her birthday is coming up ;)

I have a job interview for a Nanny position at 10:30. Any work is good work, right? My Dad gave me a weird look at that. And after that I have to pick up my new loom and passes to the county fair! I'm demo-ing spinning. And, after that I have to go to weaving class. Oy. I better get to sleep...

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