Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm begining to think I suck as a swap organizer

(sigh) Because I was the only handspinner on Craftster with the requisite experience to organize a handspun swap, I offered to do it. It's been interesting... I'm wondering if all organizers have this trouble, or if I'm just incompetent. Somehow, only a couple of the swappers thought to tell me their DC #'s, when they shipped, etc. I thought I'd mentioned it in the original thread... oh,well. Then... this...

I was a bit worried about my skills at partnering people up. How the heck do organizers do it? So, I went with what people wanted/ were willing to make, favorite colours/ what they had to spin, skill levels, etc. And, I thought I was doing alright. One of my partners sent me a beautiful skein. I just looooove it. But, then I get a really pitiful message from one of the swappers. She's very disappointed. She sent this:

And recieved this:

According to her, she and her partner corresponded before starting and agreed to make apprx 150 yards of plied yarn for each other, in colours they liked. She got singles, in her not-so-favorite colours. She said she felt horrible about complaining (sound familiar?), didn't want to punish her partner, but really wanted to explain her problem to someone...

What do I do? I've already posted to the moderators, asking if I should arrange for a swap angel or explain to the partner the problem? Any suggestions? I feel completely out of my depth here. I don't want to embarass anyone, but I do think that the complaint is valid.

I also feel like it's partly my fault, since I obviously didn't make certain things about swapping known. The swap was filled with new/ virgin swappers, and I don't know. I need to go and, like, take a bottle of prozac or something. This is not a pity party, I promise. I just don't know what to do.

In other news, I got my stitch markers from simplyfussfree (IYP3) and my prezzies from my One Skein partner. I love them all! I promise to post pix later. But, now I'm going to go and knit to make myself feel better.

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