Thursday, February 02, 2006

mission nigh accomplished

Okay. I went by West Moon and grabbed the final item for my 1920's swap box of goodies. I'm a bit disappointed because they don't carry faux vintage cigarette cases anymore - which was what I wanted for RAC. I hope she likes what I got her instead. I plan on shipping the box tmrw. Need to get everything together.

I feel so icky. For those of you who are squeamish, I'm surfing the crimson wave. I feel so disgusting... on top of taking antibiotics. Woohoo. I think I look gross too, because everyone keeps looking at me funny. It's probably all in my head, but it's still icky.

I also have to go in for my check-up with the Health Center today. I'm hoping they'll be *relieved* and not annoyed that I went to another doctor for this catastrophe.

I also (thank g-d!) rescheduled my Exam #1 for Volcanoes and Earthquakes, which was on Sat at 2 (in the middle of a workshop, eep!), to Monday at 4 pm - right after Historiography. Thank the Fates, or something. Now I have a couple more days to study (ha! cram) for this. I think I'll be okay. We'll find out soon enough.

I am so behind on everything

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