Thursday, February 02, 2006

feeling accomplished

I got the box together to send off to Radioactivecrafter, tomorrow. I'll post a pic of the contents once it's arrived safely...

On another note, I also got 5 chapters of my Volcanology text read and took notes. So there's a good chance I won't fail the exam on Monday. I only have 4 more chapters left (of...13?). Then, I returned a mistaken buy (and got cash back! amazing on a near-campus store) and went to Soft Horizons, one of my LYS. Overpriced and not the friendliest they might be, but they're also the only store in the area who carry the baby clovers - 8" - 12". I needed some for sleeves and small hats, etc.

Gawd! What an annoying experience. I walk in, and immediately feel smothered by two women working there (I always feel like they treat me like a shoplifter, which others have confirmed). Then, I walk to the Clover display and ask the manager (who followed me) if they have any size 7 (US) minis. Her reply is "if so, they'll be on the rack." Uhhuh. So helpful. Thanks.

They *weren't* on the rack, visibly anyway - and she's totally unhelpful - until I started to pull off the first couple of needles on each pic - and VOILA! I found them, under the 5's. "Oh" she says "I guess there might not have been enough room for all of them". "I guess so," I say. I grabbed them in 5, 7 and 9 because I reallyreally didn't want to have to come back (g-d!).

Then, going to pay, I ask if it'll be around $13. "We'll see." You own the fricking store, lady! The prices are on the backs of the needles (which she had taken from me) - and yes, it was $13.25. I had my money out, paid and got out of there as fast as possible. They're so frustrating. Anyway - finally! - I now have these beauties:

I'm going to put one of the raglan sleeves on the 7 tonight and work on it. The two circs are annoying to travel with. Em has been doing really well with just one on a mini clover. She had the same frustrating experience as me at Soft Horizons, too. G-d.

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