Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Is it a cloche?

Well. This is my 3rd attempt to post this. But I desperately want some advice (be it nice or mean), or suggestions (suggestions are GOLD).

I finished my "proto-cloche" which I made to test out my pattern theory for the cloche I'm making as the 1920's Flapper Swap Angel. I kinda promised Radioactivecrafter that I'd make a cloche like the one worn by Ann Darrow in King Kong. Sooo... here's the test - did I get it right? I need to know before I cast on the real, Swap cloche. The yarn for that is still drying (damp!), and I have some stall time here.

If you want to skip the how-to's, please scroll down and look! I want some opinions desperately...

So. I started out with a light worsted alpaca yarn (two colours) and knit up a hat that had a 30" circumeference and had a 20" crown. Here it is, on my head:

This is the "cloche" after I felted it for maybe 5 - 10 mins in my bathtub. The alpaca felted beautifully. You can't see the stitches in most places...

Then, I took it to the kitchen table (big, horizontal working surface) and proceded to shape it. I couldn't manage to get that really elegant fold on the Darrow cloche, but I tried. Ignore the bright red ribbon (which is for holding the cloth in place while it dries). I plan on replacing it with *nice* ribbons...

But, I did manage to get that sorta bellflower shape, even if the fold gave me all sorts of trouble. I curled up the front brim, like the Darrow cloche, and let the back and side brim just flare slightly. (Again, please ignore the horrid red ribbon, and imagine it's something nicer...)

And here's the right side, with the FOLD. Horrid thing just wouldn't behave. I couldn't get it to curve like the one in the movie. But, I did manage to get the whole thing to lay flat, at least and look balanced.

Okaaay. Here is where I reallyreallyreally want bystander opinions! Does it look like a cloche a flapper would have worn?? Like the one in King Kong (which was intentionally out-of-date...). Does it resemble anything like this? I don't want to disappoint Radioactivecrafter - and I'm running out of time, and only have so much yarn. I did a special dyelot for her cloche, and don't want to ruin it.

I think it looks right, but I want other opinions - or advice!! If you can tell me how to get that elegant fold, I will LOVE you forever!

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