Thursday, January 12, 2006

pharmacutical fun (blech)

Okaaaay. I definitely have a UTI, and have been prescribed (my favorite!!!) Macrobid, an antibiotic. OOOh, the excitement. I wonder if I'll get sick from it again this time? I spent over an hour in the student health center this morning, being subjected to all sorts of uncomfortable tests for them to come up with a diagnosis I already knew! I made the appointment because I have a UTI. Why don't they ever believe me? I have a bloody history of these stupid things. And it's not like taking Macrobid is fun - it usually makes me nauseous or worse. (rolls eyes) Doctors!

So. As to my knitting and class updates. I now have a sizeable length of the sleeves knit. Sorry about the lack of picture - I'm posting this from my Guild's office... Anyway, I might have them long enough to attach over the weekend! Long weekend, long weekend (does little dance)! Also, the purse I'm revamping is (almost!!) done. I'll probably be able to send it on Saturday.

As for classes. Things are good. Lots of reading. I never thought I'd actually look forward to Livy and Polybius over art histort texts, but there ya are. I have to get started on my Volcanology work too. And I need to decide a project topic within the Mediterranean. I'm thinking the Theran erruption during the Bronze Age. I'm doing Minoan art hist - so the crossover isn't technically cheating. And, cuz the Craft Center (technically) counts as classes - I got my pass and reciept for signing up for Woven Chenille Scarves and Laminate Felting. Hehehehe. More wonderful fibers classes to keep me sane...

Oh! In other news. I asked Prof Jaeger about my paper, cuz Prof Bonds thinks I should get it published - but I dunno where. So Jaeger recommended reading it at an upcoming conference. I need to apply to them today. Must not forget!

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