Monday, January 09, 2006

WIP: raglan sleeves

Okay. Forgive me in advance for the truly terrible pic I'm about to post. My camera just doesn't like it when I photograph something on wood. Anyway, here are the beginnings of my raglan's sleeves (I have about 3" done, give or take) - two on two circs. The pattern is proving to be a pill. I chose another common fisherman's sweater pattern from my family's area of Scotland, Inverness and Nairn, that *didn't* have cables. I am opposed to cables on sleeves, in general. Anyway, here it is:

In other news, I started my classes today: Aegean Art History (Minoan and Theran), and Historiography (pronounce THAT 3x fast). They were definitely interesting lectures and all, but my neck hurts from being bent for 3 hours straight! Whoo!, that'll take some getting used to.

I have a whoooole bunch o' literature to read this term - turns out we're reading ALL of Livy's "The War with Hannibal"! That's books 21 - 30 of his comprehensive Roman History. And then we're throwing some other authors on the pile, as well. For Art History, hahaha, the reading list was over a page long! Yeah. I think there were close to 30 books listed. Let's see if I don't go blind by the end of term. I haven't even looked at my Geology assignments (it's a WEB course), but I have a feeling they'll be substantial, it is a 300-level course.

I shall have to relish my knitting and spinning now. On that note, I think I shall go and knit a few more inches on my sleeves before facing the word-smith, Livy.

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