Friday, January 06, 2006

ah, the drama

I hope it's not considered impolited to discuss money matters on a blog, cuz I really need to vent... Also, if you don't want to know my personal problems, just scan down to below the *** for updates on my knitting progress.

University's are money-mongering monsters. Say that 3x fast... I want to sit in on Costume History II, only the prof doesn't want me to sit in on the class, but to audit it. That'll cost me $400!! No-frickin-way. The class (I) was very good, but the second one isn't essential, and I just know it'll ruin my GPA to even just audit it. (sigh).

We had all sorts of fun figuring out how much of my tuition we actually had to pay today. My dad came upstairs in a right froth because there was $700 billed to my account for over-due library books. Well, one, it turned out he was reading the bill wrong, cuz there was a a negative sign in front of one of the numbers, cuz I(!) hunted down the books MY MOTHER got out on my account and I(!) returned them. Only I missed two. So, now the total comes to $345. But a hundred will be refunded when we find the bloody books.

And since I'm about to drop another course, we'll get a refund for that class, too. It's insane.

Then there was the fun of getting the actual coursebooks. Don't even get me started on that. I just hate the start of the term. So much.

Then, my dad and I headed out to Staples cuz I need more pencils. Anyway, on the way there we started discussing my mother. It has been agreed by my father, my brother, and me that the is addicted to her prescription drugs, and that we need to arrange an intervention. I'm sooo looking forward to that (riiight - how much does a one-way ticket to Paris cost this time of the year??).

We (she and me) got into a fight last night, because she was in a blackout and basically sleep-walking around the house at 3am making a huge mess and a lot of noise - great background noise to sleep to, let me tell you. She said she was cleaning. At 3 am??? Hardly. Then, I find the purse I'm working on (for the Craftster swap I'm involved in) on the kitchen counter (not where I left it, ha), next to a bottle of BLEACH with all my notions spread over the counter. Yeah. I lost it. She was complaining that I automatically blamed her. Who else was up at that point and fiddling around in the frickin kitchen?!

Anyway, this morning she starts complaining to my dad that we're all being really hard on her. She's having all sorts of issues with her medication (she was recently diagnosed as Bi-Polar), and that she's trying. Whatever. She's been trying for, what?, 3 years? Ohwell. It looks like we'll have to have an intervention here, soon. This is getting insane. No. Scratch that. It stopped being insane, like, a year ago. I don't even know what it is now. It's stupid, for certain.


Anyway. Onto the sweater progress update. I have about 9" of the body done. I don't remember how much above that number I am. But I am above it! Soon, I shall start on the sleeves. I need to knit some more preemie hats. I swear I shall post pix of my progress tonight. I swear. I have my digicam sitting right next to me with fresh batteries. I'm gonna take a pic of all the preemie and chemo caps I've made over break. Make a nice spread so I can feel accomplished for a while.

Also, as you have probably guessed, I am making some serious progress on the purse. It will be done in a day or two. I can't post pix of it until my partner recieves it, but once she does I'll post the entire process on the blog. I promise. I've had requests. It's really amazing looking, if I do say so myself. I'm quite pleased.

Anyway, I'll do a most mellow post in a few hours with updates on my sweater's progress.


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