Saturday, January 14, 2006

onto the cloche!

Okaay. Long story short, I have a knight-in-shining-armour complex. I understand this and am seeking help. Until I can refrain from saving the world, I need to get on with this:

I sorta volunteered to be a Swap Angel on Craftster, for the 1920's/ Flapper Swap. While I know King Kong takes place in the 30's, after the market crash - I offered up the cloche in the movie - cuz I can knit it. I'm just trying to figure out a pattern.

Just in case (hehehe), I shall make a trial one (that'll fit me) - g-d forbid I waste yarn! I'm thinking of knitting it 10 - 20% larger than actual size and felting it a bit. I have two glass heads here which I could felt it ON. The only problem I'm having is figuring out how to do that cute little fold up front. I think it was done by making the body only a little smaller than the brim and folding the excess fabric to the side and pinning it down. Sooo. I shall try that.

Should I felt it before or after fold the front over? I'm thinking after??? Ideas, suggestions, or whatever are ALWAYS welcome! I finally got the comment box to work.

Maybe I should get to work on my own one first - so if it's wrong I'll know how to adapt it... I really want to send Radioactivecrafter something nice! I'm gonna try drawing this out first. I'll post my findings as I go.

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