Friday, January 13, 2006


I have seen way to much of this office. I need to paint it or something.

No, I did not get any knitting, spinning, or work on my partner's purse done yesterday. I was too busy trying to rest and avoid my fussy relatives. While I appreciate their concern, I really want to be left *alone* while sick not bothered. Anyway. I had to deal with all sorts of drama and such, so nothing got achieved yesterday besides my somehow managing to record Nausicaa. Which must have been a fluke. I brought my sleeves in today, but refuse to touch them until I get my ARH reading done - nearly there... I can also knit on the bus ride home. But, then, once home I need to finish up that bloody purse!! It's taking too long. What must the craft g-ds smite me???

Ah, well. I'll update again later.

Oh! I did remember to send in my abstract for the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest, and it read as follows (bless Vonnie for editting it for me!):

At a professor's request, I wrote a paper examining the modern and ancient terminology of common, or important, Greek and Roman garments. Each word's application, actual lexicon/ dictionary entry, origin, primary sources, and evolution are included where ever possible. The paper is intended to be read by a general audience, including non-Classicists. Knowledge of Greek and Latin are not necessary, but help.


Chlamys, a cloak worn over one shoulder with weights at the lower corners. A Latin derivative of “chlamus, chlamudos, he”. The Greek “chlamus” translates to “a short mantle or military cloak,” and is mentioned by Sappho, Xenophon, and Aristotle. According to Liddel-Scott, the word originated in Thessaly, and referred specifically to a horseman's cloak. Later, it is seen on statues of Hermes and Eros. It eventually evolved into the Classical chlamydon – a pleated garment for women worn fastened over one shoulder, above the chiton.

I hope I don't sound like too much of a twit. Probably unavoidable, but nice to try. Ahwell. I have my doubts as to whether or not they'll want me to present. We'll find out eventually.

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