Wednesday, September 06, 2006

darn you all!

(well, not really)

But, lemme see - two swaps I am being tempted with (you know who you are):
  1. Spin to Knit Swap
  2. Knitter's Tea Swap
And, then, another pattern I simply must knit: Nippertails (how I missed this, I simply do not know). Just add those to my current workload, and I am fit for an insane asylum - tho, I'd probably get tons of knitting done in a quiet, padded room...

In Knitting News, I have something terrible and quite embarassing to relate: I must RO (rip out) the heel flaps of the IYP3 Swap sox. I screwwed up on them big time - I forgot to slip the first st on the RS of the flaps purlwise - I slipped them knitwise. They look wonky. It bothers me exceedingly. I am an idiot, because it took me 20+ rows to realise this. Bugger all.


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