Tuesday, August 29, 2006

baying at the moon

Last night, after the Defarge Delay (just don't ask), I came home to find my father twitching slightly. My brother was driving him mad. Emm and Dad went fishing high up in the mountains over the weekend, w/ mildly disastrous results. Because my brother is an idiot (he is, alright?) he didn't put sunblock on - mostly because no one held him down and applied it forcibly. So, now he is, as my Dad puts it, "baying at the moon." He hurts, it itches, blahblahblah. We've tried every aloe, vitamin e, cortezone treatment we have - but it hurts (whinewhinewhine). He's driving everyone crazy.

You'd think the boy'd never had a sunburn before. He even tried using it as an excuse not to help me vacuum earlier. Bugger all. I'm not too sympathetic, because I get sunburned even when I wear sunblock - and I'm allergic to most brands, anyway. Mum and I just roll our eyes. Hopefully this will teach my brother a lesson about proper skin care.

I'd better not hold my breath.

In Knitting News, I have one of the sleeves attached to my Tempting II. I had to rip it out last night (the sleeve) because: 1) my gauge went wonky again, and 2) I had cast on too many stitches (the sleeves for the 44" bust are close to 16" around! - my upper arms are, like, 12"...). So, after adapting the pattern a bit - both intentionally and unintentionally - here I am:

Notice the hourglass-figure? That's where my gauge was wonky several times. First it was a little loose, then I tightened it - a little too much, since I broke one of my needles (cry!) and had to go up a size, where it loosened again. Yeah. I also accidentally CO 10 extra stitches - it took Emmos and I 5 attempts at counting to figure this out last night - so I moved that to the front, since I'm going to need the extra room in the bust. I always do.

Anyway, I'm going to go and finish the other sleeve. Maybe I can get this thing done today... hahaha. I can delude myself with the best of them.


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