Saturday, August 26, 2006

looking good

My niece has a name! (I finally gave into the urge to call my sis this morning)

Te(a)gan- "good-looking", Irish. I'm not certain (yet) if they're using the traditional spelling or not...

A, my sis, said the name "just fit". She sounded so happy when I talked to her this morning. It's so wonderful. I know she's wanted a daughter for a while. She even said that she "wouldn't mind" pink baby clothes. I'm not certain if that was the exhaustion talking. It turns out, now that we have the info first-hand (not thru a 3rd party) that baby T was 7lbs, 4 oz and 19(!) inches long!! Eep. Poor A. She had a time with delivery.

Everyone, but Mum and I, hate the baby's new name - but, pshaw! I like it. It's a great name.

So, yay! Much rejoicing on this end. We're talking about all coming down to visit around Sept 15. Even more rejoicing - that means I have more time to finish the blanky, start a baby blanky, and work on little gifts.

Yay, all around.

Anyway, Opus is in town and will (hopefully) be picking me up in 45 mins. This is turning out to be a pretty cool day...


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