Friday, August 25, 2006

why was I posting again?

I must be getting old if I can't remember that. Or something. Harrumph.

To respond to everyone's congrats, thank you! I'm so excited. I get to make PINK baby clothes, tehe. Guess what Emily? I have two more people to add to your 8/24 b-day list - S, the baby's grandmother, and B the baby's great-grandfather. Ohmy, eh?

No name as of yet. I bet A's still recovering. A day's worth of labor, iee.

I'm going to try and sew a pair of Scrubs trousers. We'll see how that works. My goal for today, really, is to try and organize the sewing room/ guest room. So I can get all the requisite materials to sew said trousers.

D's blanky is coming along.

Dad and Emm are off camping/ fishing to the North for the next couple of days. Mum will be working 'til midnight tonite. It's a shame I didn't organize a knitter's rave, or something, isn't it? Ahwell. I should go and get some work done...

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