Saturday, August 26, 2006

alas, no 'a'

I mourn, but not too much, that it's Tegan and not Teagan. But, hey, it's still cooler than Sara. Or Sharon. Or parents weren't the best with names. Anyway. My sister just sent me this!:

A, K, or any of the other relatives, please don't kill me, but I had to post it. She certainly deserves her name! Look at that Mona Lisa smile! And violet eyes. If she weren't my niece, I may just have been jealous. But, I am saved by that fate by getting to knit these:

Ignore the hot pink (those are for socks) - but more Soft Baby from Rowan to make a set! The ladies at The Knit Shop were very friendly and helpful. The nice saleslady carried a bunch of balls of yarn out into the couryard to help me coordinate in the sunlight :D I also bought a ton of itsy-bitsy point protecters.

Opus kidnapped me today. We had lots and lots of fun. She's here to fix her grandparents' puters up. It's not going well. They want space age technology paired up with their dinosaur machines. Frightening. Opus escaped a barbeque to go yarn shopping with me (her idea, not mine! she's the one who talked me into the hot pink sock yarn, btw) and run amok thru town. Twas cool.

In other news, here are the lavendar sachets I made yesterday:

It turned out that Mum hadn't bought enough fabric, so I decided to make use of the sewing machine and table anyway and used up some scraps and dried lavendar from the garden. I'm giving a couple to a friend with a moth problem and the rest will be doled out to family. They should use them. Seriously.

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