Tuesday, August 22, 2006

filling the void

I have a half hour until I'm making dinner (Fish'n'chips, yumyum), so I'm going so answer all the questions my lovely commentors have left! (looking slightly manic, teehee)...

First of all, to everyone about the bamboos, I think I may just end up giving them away randomly. Or as bribes. I'm pulling out the sewing machine, so maybe I'll even make little sheaths for them (lost the plastic ones) ... Does anyone have any birthday's coming up?

Two, I am very patient Miss-Soon-to-Not-Be-Missy =P Everyone must look at her, Bon's, wedding dress and shawl. Oooh, so pretty. I really want to track down that shawl pattern now (lace lust).

Nicole, the pattern I'm using for D's blanky is called "Picnic" and it's from the July 2006 issue of Knitting Magazine (British). There's also an article pertaining to blanket design that I used to modify the pattern. It's quite cool, actually. I'm loving the British rags.

Peninah - have you tried Saint Vincent du Paul or The Salvation Army? I've found some fuuunky things in both (where did my crayon lamp go...?).

Sachi - in a word, yes. I really want to stop people from breeding, just for a little while. I mean, the world is over-populated as-is, right? Ahwell. Babies are cute, and easy to knit for, at least.

In other news, and now onto random stuff, I managed to spend TWO WHOLE HOURS in JoAnn Fabrics today and NOT buy anything for myself. mwahahaha. Progress, right? Most of the time I spent with Mum trying to help her find Scrub appropriate fabric. She's even offered to pay me to sew her up some Scrubs. Coolies.

In the end, I did get somethings for two b-girls who's b-days are up and coming. Iee, gifting panic. I even have Emmos' gift ready (two days in advance! rejoicing) to give to her tomorrow. Provided I don't forget it at home...

Yeah, the likelihood of that is too depressing to contemplate.

Also, I'm begining to think that I may not have enough yarn to knit a large enough blanky for D. 12 oz of handspun may not go as far as one would like. But, I have a plan. That involves Curious George flannel (already being washed) and fleece. My plan just may work. More details later.

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