Monday, July 10, 2006

8 rows away

from finishing the bloody sox. Well, the knitting aspect of them. Why am I not knitting now? Because I couldn't stand to look at them anymore. (shudders)

Currently, I am looking up pix of owls for the pattern project.

I need to spin my black alpaca/merino/silk mix tomorrow, so I can knit those armwarmers. At least those go fast. 5 sts/inch seems so bloody huge anymore.

Of course, today when the Guild met and I didn't bring my camera, we had more people show up than we had seats for - so we stole some (mwahaha). Twas fun. G brought Maverick. G asked about my panta pattern. Ooops?

I'm on it, sorta. Just let me finish this swap, pleeeeaaase. So, darned, close.

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