Friday, July 07, 2006

turning a decent shade of pink

I can't believe I did this, but I actually wrote a fanfic on request for someone I know online. No, I am not telling you who, when, where, or why. The fact is, I did it. I am such a complete geek. I need to go clubbing or something and get some socialization here. To make matters weirder, people really liked it and want more. I am so bad at saying no, and the typepad beckons. Someone just shoot me. I'm going to die of embarassment if anyone ever finds it. Hint: please DON'T look for it, I'm just being honest about my whereabouts this past week.

Also, I am PAST THE HEEL FLAPS! I nearly cried with joy around 1 am this morning when I figured that out. The sox are looking better as they, quite literally, take shape. I wish I could post pix. But, can't. Sorry.

In other news, I have volunteered to organize a swap on Craftster. Again, please shoot me. There have been many requests and false starts for a Handspun Swap, so I took the initiative. Watch as no one signs up (rolls eyes). But, I delivered as promised.

No word on the job front, the article front, or anything else remotely academic. I refuse to care right now. I am PAST THE HEEL FLAPS! Mwaahaha.

And, because I have no sense of self-moderation, I am putting these lovelies on my to-do list:
Baudelaire (anyone else thinking Snicket?)
and Widdershins
... are we seeing an awful trend here?


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