Sunday, July 09, 2006

and yet more pies

"MORE pies??" You say?

Yes, MORE pies:

Raspberry and blueberry

I recieved my One skein package today. Mysteriously, and wonderfully, there were TWO skeins. Woot! Handspun Romeldale. Yummies. I can think of a certain stuffed avian these two might long to become ;)

Can't you just see it?

And, after the 2nd cast on for my Tempting II, I am making progress:

The sox are so darn close to being done. And, just fabulous to look at, too. If I do say so meself. Luckily (oh, thank you, g-d), my swap partner's feet are the same size as my own, so I can check periodically. It would SUCK BEYOND MEASURE for the sox to NOT fit when they arrived.

Oh! I have 7 people signed up for the Handspun Swap! I shall not be sitting alone in a dark corner ;)

And I got the Americorps app printed out today. SIXTEEN PAGES! I have to do TWO of them. I'm interested in two different one-year contract jobs. Look too cool for words, for me. Sex Ed/ HIV education for at-risk youth, sex industry workers, and drug users is one. Trust me, I grew up in D.C. - I've already done that. I used to bring condoms in to give to my friends, so they wouldn't get STD's. And the other one is post-infection HIV/AIDS counseling and education. I would love to get either. I used to be so good at the counseling thing, and I was untrained then.

Anyway. I think I'm going to finish the sox tomorrow (Widdershins! Crimson) and start in on the other swap goodies. I have another swap to work on, aside from One Skein and Handspun and this sox one (hahaha, yes, I know) - it's a Learn to Spin Kit for a Craftster. I'mn trying to decide on a good text to send. Usually, I photocopy articles from Spin-Off on the long draw, etc. But, I'm wondering if there's a good beginner's book? Anyone?

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