Wednesday, July 04, 2007

worst Independence Day ever

Vancouver sucked. Drivers were crazy (and drunk). The guards at the celebration wouldn't let me take my knitting needles in. We had to walk a 1/2 mi back to the car to put them back. People got increasingly drunk as darkness fell (shooting off more and more fireworks over our heads*) and one idiotic woman nearly ran over my brother.

Seriously - I had to grab his shirt and yank him back**. Mum was screaming (as were everyone else watching). That was when we decided to leave - in the middle of the fireworks show, too.

I managed a couple of shots before it was too dark (we arrived around 7 pm). Here're Mum and Emm on top of the hill we sat on (however brief a period):

And here's the view we had:

... right about where the car tried to drive over the hill, a couple dozen families, and my brother. Genius, really.

Sooo... haven't gotten any knitting done. The majority of the day was spent at Jo-Ann's and Home Depot. Both of which Mum and I have vowwed never to return to.

All in all, today sucked. I'm going to go and knit something. Screw startitis. I'm casting on whatever I feel like right now.

* there's a reason these things are illegal in many states.
** which probably wouldn't have helped in the long run - I was standing right behind him. Thank goodness Mum and several onlookers were screaming.

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