Saturday, July 14, 2007

Red Letter Day

It was so hot and humid today, I almost felt like I was back on the East Coast. We're expecting another thunderstorm tonight, which is shocking to me - 2 in one summer in Oregon? Strange.

This afternoon, I received four teasers - the 4 extra bobbins for my en route Journey Wheel:


After fixing the sewing machine (again) for Mum, cleaning, doing several loads of laundry, and slaying a small chimaera, I took the sock to Laurelhurst Park:

The sock didn't like the weather, either. But we fared better than either of the 'rents or the dog. It was quite pathetic, really, how droppy Charlie was - he wouldn't even play with the other dogs at the park. That was another first.

Because we were on the right side of town, I dragged Mum, Dad and Charlie to Twisted. Oh, yes, Charlie came in, too, to ooh's and ahh's. I liked the store. They've made an effort to stock unusual yarns, like recycled rayon and Tibetan hemp. The store's still new and their shelves are a little bare (good publicity has helped them with that), but I also really appreciated the fact that they had a wall of sock yarn. Sock yarn other stores in the area don't carry, like Cherry Tree Hill (drool), Woolarina, aaand Dreaming in Colour's 'Smooshy':

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist it's siren song. It kept whispering sweet nothings to me when the young ladies were chatting with Mum. 'Knit me! Knit me! I want to be a pair of Embossed Leaves socks! I know you want me... Knit me!"

Oh, right. Speaking of Embossed Leaves socks... (deep breath)... Mona Schmidt, the designer, has agreed to be the SKA's Mystery Sock designer for November! (little squee)

And that is all the news I have right now. So sleepy and we're getting up early to drive along the Columbia River Gorge to the Dalles. Expect lots of traveling sock photos tomorrow...

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