Monday, July 09, 2007


I haven't knit a single stitch today. But I didn't really feel up to it for most of the day. I was having terrible femm issues earlier (too much information?) and only went out with Mum because I need the exercise. That said, I am really, really glad I went with her to the Hoyt Arboretum:

(My Tour de Fleece pic)

Mum and Charlie:

Mum throwing sticks for Charlie:

And the coolest tree roots ever:

It's a beautifully maintained place and the flora AND fauna are amazingly varied. After I took the last photo and we were on our way out of our little dell, a hummingbird (still unidentified) flew out of the creek and into a tree. I immediately grabbed Charlie and pointed the bird out to Mum, and I suppose the bird sensed that Mum is a member of the Audobon Society - it flew back down and hovered in front of us (I swear it was inspecting us) for a full minute or two. It was so magical and amazing. I've never seen a hummingbird so close (within 3') without glass between us.

After that, at the Visitor's Center, we met a really cool artist who we exchanged contact info with. Coolness abounds, as she's leaving for the Galapagos in 3 days! I nearly died of envy. The Galapagos islands are on my Top Ten List Of Places I Must Visit Before I Am: Old/ Blind/ Or Dead. *sigh*

Then came the dangers of stepping into a Fair Trade store. Mum and I have killed our older gauze shirts, so we got two. Along with a Panama hat each, a hand-stamped kerchief from Ghana, and a Lantern Moon bag for less than I've seen at LYSes. How cool is that? I now have that medium sized knitting bag I've been needing.

And, last but not least, the knitting content. It might interest you to know that Sock Knitters Anonymous now has 80 members! Woot :D And, I have a question (actually, several). Some craftsters mentioned that they'd be interested in buying my Spox pattern. How does one sell patterns thru Paypal? And how much would I charge? Is $5 too much?

I'm going to go knit, so I don't have to think about it...

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