Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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For Crimson...

She's right. It IS a lovely poem, isn't it?

Anyway. I caused a bit of a mess in the Magic Yarn Ball Swap (round 2) earlier today by asking on the thread (yes, I am an idiot) if anyone had requested handspun or wanted handspun yarn. It seemed like a good question. Ooops?

Ohwell. I meant well.

I finished my Dulaan mittens today and just finished the brim of a matching hat:

I may never, ever, want to cable anything again (okay, that's a hyperbole, I admit it). I spent close to three hours making this progress (thank g-d for The X-Files) and forcing myself not to run screaming or burn the lot. But, I persevered.

Mostly because, aside from the waste of yarn, wool smells nasty when burnt.

Ahwell. I need to update the sidebar, I've had more ideas. tehe. I've sent out a request to local breeders to "borrow" a sheep for this XTREME Knitting contest. I wonder if anyone will ever let me visit their farms again?

Probably not...

Well, worst comes to worst I can always resort to bribery and petty theft. I've always wanted to try and actually attempt a midnight shearing. Now, there's an XTREME sport for you.

And double points if you shear a ram.


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